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Solomyans'ka brovarnya

Beer restaurant "Solomyanska Brovarnya" is located in a two-story mansion, in a park near Solomyanska Square. The restaurant has its own mini-brewery. Always available for less than six beers. Brew as a classic, and crafted varieties. The menu of the restaurant is a great accompaniment to beer: branded sausages, hot pork ears from its own smokehouse, baked pork knuckle, hot-smoked salmon fillet, pork flambe ...

Prizewinner of rating "Best restaurants" #7 (↓3) place at rating of attention

Ratings of visitors: 4.25 72

(voted: 24)
(voted: 25)
(voted: 23)
Bavarian, European, German, Ukrainian Craft beer, Beer, Whisky, Appetizers 150 – 300 ₴ MasterCard Visa


  • Active bar rack
  • Banquet hall
  • Banquet menu
  • Booking tables
  • Dancing
  • Delivery of dishes - beer delivery
  • Ecologically friendly products
  • Face control
  • Live music - Fr - Sa from 9 am
  • Lunches
  • Own baking
  • Own mini-brewery
  • Screenings
  • Sport programs
  • Summer area
  • TV, plasma screen
  • VIP-hall
  • WiFi

Reccomended for:

Banquet Lunch Cheerful party Meeting with friends Gastronomic enjoyment Corporate holiday Rest on a summer area Visit tourists Viewing sport translations Visits of live concerts Family visit Supper at reasonable price Supper with business partners Presentations Birthday


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