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Since 2008 portal LASOON conducts annual surveys in order to make rating of "Best Restaurants" among foodservice institutions of Kiev! Voting has two stages.
At the first stage the best places are determined by the visitors of the portal. Voting is available for all visitors after the start of the campaign.

The second stage follows the first one. At this step opinions of the experts are collected.

As the result of these two stages the best foodservice spots are selected.

In order to take part in voting at the portal one should pick the best institutions from the list of nominees listed at the page of rating. There is no need to register if one is to take part in voting.

The current statistics is available at the results page.

Please, take into account that one visitor can only take part in the voting once.

Attention! Voting on the portal is available only during the first stage! Watch for our announcements!

Questionnaire for voting

Full list of nominees

Statistics for the current voting
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