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Due to the military aggression of Mordor against Ukraine, the website information is temporarily not updated, we apologize. Glory to Ukraine!

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News from archive image Support Lasoon project through the Patreon!

Support Lasoon project through the Patreon!

From now on, you can support the development of Lasoon Restaurant Project through the Patreon donation platform!

Our project generates a fairly large amount of free information independent of restaurants (catalog of restaurants, articles about restaurants, reviews, interviews ...), which, we hope, helps visitors navigate the restaurant world of Ukraine. Your small and feasible support for Lasoon through the Patreon platform will help us both with filling with high-quality content and developing and adding new features that can help guests of restaurants in Kyiv and other large cities of the country.

Follow Patreon and choose one of the support packages (we plan to expand the sets of services in the packages as the project develops).

Thanks in advance to all patrons and will do our best not to disappoint you!

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