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News from archive image Ukrainian Gastro Show has taken place!

Ukrainian Gastro Show has taken place!

On June 17, 2021, a grand event about Ukrainian cuisine took place in the Parkovy CEC - Ukrainian Gastro Show!

A professional event for chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, and those who are interested in gastronomy, for the third year in a row gathers around those who are not indifferent to the promotion of Ukrainian cuisine in Ukraine and the world!

"UKRAINIAN CUISINE. BASIS AND INNOVATION ”- the Ukrainian Gastro Show 2021 event took place under this theme! We offered guests a new experience, rethinking and developing the gastronomic heritage on the stage of KVC Parkovy. After all, knowledge of the basics is an absolute need for the preservation of gastronomic heritage, for its further multiplication and development. Innovations allow to reveal the potential of Ukrainian cuisine and bring it to a qualitatively new level.

14 speakers of chefs spoke to guests with 8 topics covering different areas of Ukrainian cuisine. Also, the brand ambassador Nemiroff developed and offered special cocktails for each of the 32 dishes presented by the speakers.

Chefs from Lviv Lyola Landa and Yuriy Koshyk, inspired by Galician recipes, which are more than 100 years old, told about the traditions of using the local product Stryi yas. They also demonstrated techniques to help create bean dishes that are in demand in a modern restaurant.

Daria Ozerna spoke about modern research, which shows that seeds and nuts allow you to form a full-fledged nutritional menu. The biologist acquainted the guests of the event with the ancient traditions of using nuts and seeds in Ukrainian cuisine, and told why they were vital in the diet.

During Yevhen Klopotenko's performance on the stage of the Ukrainian Gastro Show, real magic took place! The magic of borscht! Eugene told about the usual and common dish in Ukraine - borsch, but in a new light, not yet seen for you! Demonstrated to the guests new techniques and techniques, preparing 8 dishes and 1 drink, each of which is a borscht, among them: cocktail "Borsch", ice cream-borsch, borsch-spread.

The theme of ancient traditions of cooking in the oven was not left out either. Vitaliy Huralevych and Vitaliy Krushelnytsky, who have many years of experience working with the furnace and are familiar with different types of Ukrainian furnaces, told when it is rational to build it in the institution, and what technical capabilities it satisfies. Vitaliy Guralevych also presented ancient Ukrainian dishes that are ideal for cooking in the oven.

Andriy Severenchuk and Daria Krikunova helped the guests of the event to see the prospects of the product with a long seasonality and to integrate it correctly into the restaurant menu during their performance at the Ukrainian Gastro Show. More than one year of working with elderberry, allowed the speakers to share in-depth knowledge of modern technologies that help unlock the potential of elderberry in a professional kitchen.

Vyacheslav Popkov and Artem Blauta told the guests about summer and autumn seasonal products, showing that the creation of watermelon and mushroom dishes is not only about taste, but also about economically justified experiments. The chefs presented options for a full-fledged watermelon menu, and pumped the theme of mushrooms in Ukrainian cuisine.

Mykola Lyulko and Stella Klymenko audited the traditions of cooking fish in Ukrainian cuisine. They shared their valuable knowledge and experience, and also proved that local freshwater fish species and marine Black Sea fish have great potential in the restaurant menu. Mykola Lyulko presented his unique experience of working with the Black Sea stingray on the stage of the Parkovy CEC.

Igor Lavreshin and Victoria Butt dedicated their speech to the revival of artisanal baking in Ukraine, which our land has long been famous for. The chefs presented a modern look and new opportunities for ancient Ukrainian breads for the restaurant industry, which will help establishments to stand out from the crowd. During their speech, the chefs proved that bread and its creation is an art, and the search for new flavors and combinations can open you a whole new spectrum of perception of bread.

For the third year in a row, we are bringing together experts on the topic of Ukrainian gastronomy. This year we have involved researchers and the best chefs of Ukraine to rethink the ancient traditions of Ukrainian cuisine and introduce advanced innovations! For two years, the Ukrainian Gastro Show has been visited by more than 1,000 chefs, restaurateurs and gastro-enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the development of Ukrainian cuisine. Together we strive for a great goal: to make Ukrainian cuisine recognizable in the world!

Andriy Skipyan
founder of Hoteliero, which creates the main events of the hospitality industry, among which a special place is occupied by the Ukrainian Gastro Show — gastro-event about Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukrainian cuisine is in trend, and we can finally talk "about ourselves", "about our own" and "with our own".

Let's make Ukrainian cuisine popular in Ukraine and the world together!

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